Benjamin B. Ferencz


Less Than Slaves

Less Than Slaves

Jewish Forced Labor and the Quest for Compensation

By Benjamin B. Ferencz, Telford Taylor

publisher:Indiana University Press in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • In 1981 this book is made into a television documentary
  • Original Publication, Harvard, 1979
  • German Edition, Lohn des Grauens, Campus Verlag
  • Japanese Edition, Gaifu Sha, 1993

New 2002 Edition available online from 

PREFACE: A Retrospective Evaluation - November 14, 2001
REVIEW: by John H. E. Fried, The American Journal of Int'l Law, Vol. 75, No. 3, July 1981
REVIEW: Working For Farben: A Review of Less Than Slaves - New York Times Book Review, December 1979

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